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Michael Austin can assist with building projects, farm & landscape planning, & environmental projects.

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Our services

Michael Austin at Greenheart Projects has years of experience in accessing environmental issues and economic constraints to come up with a plan of your building area, farm, plot or environmental project.

He will present a written plan within your budget, which includes highlighting potential alternatives with the risks involved. He has the practical skills to manage your project and see it through to a successful conclusion within the specified timeline.

You will get a written report at the conclusion of your project, with suggested follow- ups.

Building  Design & Implementation

Environmental Assessment, Planning & Follow-ups

Farm & Landscape Design, Budgeting & Planning

Why choose us

Professional & convenient

Michael has in-depth knowledge of local environment, of management, budgeting, water relations, solar power, time scales, regulations, IT  & interpersonal communications. He is also a skilled researcher. These skills enable him to see a project through to its successful completion.

Completed over 250+ building projects

Michael was the owner and CEO of a successful building company for 28 years. The company (www.mnabuilding.co.za) specialised in difficult sites and renovations.

Farm and regional plans designed & implemented

He has researched, designed and implemented plans which involved using the latest  techniques, within a timeline and budget.

He has focused particularly on the management of water and of human resources to arrive at a plan that is sustainable for the future.

30 years of a multi-faceted approach

Continuing academic and practical work experience has involved a multifaceted approach to any project, with the result that projects are more likely to be successful in the long term.

Our projects

Step-by-step plan to a successful project completion

Step 1

As the first step, Michael will assess the project and all the factors which may be involved in order to  identify the problems clearly. He will identify what interventions can be made within the client's constraints and those of the  natural resources. He will identify what further information, tests and research needs to be done.

Step 2

After that he will write up a proposal of a plan of action that is within the budget & timeline, after necessary consultations with all stakeholders, with alternatives, potential risks and problem areas.


Step 3

Finally he will implement the plan with alternatives and alterations which may be necessary, with consultation with the client and any other stakeholders who may be affected. He will do the necessary assessments of progress and do a final assessment and any required follow-ups and note any potential risks that may be involved.

What our clients say

Goetz is an ex-client. We did a major renovation to Goetz's house, without his presence in the country.

I have used Alan often and he recommends me for projects other contractors avoid. He is an excellent engineer with great experience.

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